MAT300 Abstract

MAT300 Abstract Algebra (3 UNITS)


  • To introduce the students to algebraic structures, such as groups, rings and fields
  • To show the power of generalization and abstraction
  • To provide the students with a foundation in mathematical reasoning and writing that will aid the students in their future mathematics courses

Delivery: 30 lectures, 15 tutorials

Assessment: Course work: 50% Final Exam: 50%.

Online or Downloadable References for the Course:


3 Comments to “MAT300 Abstract”

  1. Thank you Dr. Ham for your books their very interesting especially the one of “Judson, Thomas W. Abstract Algebra: Theory and Applications, 2012.” I spend more time to go through theorems in this book their very interesting and helpfull theorems especially in the study of math mat300.

  2. Thank you very much Dr.Ham for your Devotion in seaching and posting the materials for MAT.300. It seems that there is shortage of Relevant Books of this Category.However; I sincerely beg you to get the full Hardcopy of this so that we can buy and absorb those materials as required.May the Lord Bless you in your daily undertakings.

  3. The primary text for the course will be that by Judson, but we will draw extensively from the other resources. The site has two full courses on Abstract Algebra, the first, would be background material for MAT300. Abstract Algebra II,, has similar topics to MAT300, and provides links to video lectures, including those from Harvard.

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